Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Who's got gas?

So gas prices suck butt.  I barely make do with the job I have right now.  $8.50 an hour, 20 hours a week.  It's not enough.  And now with effing oil prices up my freeking gas stations are charging an arm and a leg for me to fill 'er up.  $4 a gallon is absolutely ridiculous.  I spend at least sixty bucks a week in gas, and I don't go anywhere.  I drive back and forth to work, and back and forth to school.  It's really cutting in to Jakey's happy time.  I haven't been able to afford anything, no movies, no new xbox games, no tequila.  It's awful.  And now I have to get an oil change and replace my brakes.  I'm over auto-mechanics and transportation.  Give me a goddamn pack mule and let me have the road.  I'm ready for the return of the Pony Express.


  1. well put, it really sucks that because of gas prices you don't want to go out and have a beer with some friends. On top of that you need x-box games, I love Zumba! :)

  2. =] Ur funny. Eff the Federalees!