Monday, October 10, 2011

Repetition Poetry nucka!! =]

The Shame
By Jake Watson

The Shame across his forehead,
painted a shameful blue.
The Shame in his voice says,
"I'm a shameful fool."

The Shame runs through his sight,
with shamed looks of vexation.
The Shame keeps him up at night;
a tempestuous shameful sensation.

The Shame holds him mute,
fearing shameful demure.
The Shame chains him to
a shameful bed of torture.

The Shame, with all its' might,
tried a shameful act of treason.
The Shame attacked the life
that kept the shame a'shaming.

But what The Shame didn't see,
during its' shameful greed,
was that The Shame lost its' power
when Shameful He became free.

And Shameful He turned out from me,
and fell to a shameful demise.
And Shameful He left from me,
and The Shame became a lie.

So in the end, The Shame won't win,
or shamefully red our eyes.
Because The Shame only came,
when I let It inside.