Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Su madre's es el hot mess.

     So last night I was catching up on my "Real Houswives", and discovered yet again a brand new set of super crazy rich white ladies, all hailing from the Dolphins city of Miami.  I was expecting the random rambles in spanish or cuban and the bitchy cutdowns about who has a smaller ankle circumference, but I was not expecting the mentally-destructive visual of cast member Marysol Patton's mother Elsa!  I thought the "Orange County" housewives topped the plastic surgery Hit with a Shovel List, but this woman, good lord.  I was suprised she could even move her mouth, which she seemed to have trouble doing as it is.  I swear I had caught a few shots of old madre's dribble accidents.  Someone needs a bib and a new doctor.  Not to fix the face but to keep the poor woman tranquilized so she doesn't realize there's a Siamese cat living on her face.  Just saying. =]

Passion of the Crazy...?

       Everyone, in some way, has learned of the mess surrounding Mel Gibsons recent meltdown.  Those infamous recordings of the rants heard round the world have most likely been viewed in homes across the nation and had shown us what a hot mess the leathal weapon himself came to be.  After the initial shock and stir had died down from the bitter fued between Mr. Gibson and his ex Oksana Grigorieva, not much was happening on the battlegrounds.  But in recent news, according to RadarOnline, the "Mad Max" stars ex has snapped her gaggle of lawyers into high gear and is having a "dirt file" being composed against him.  Grigorieva is trying to gain full custody o her children, and believes that this compilation will prove that Gibson is indeed "crazy" and is unfit to care for their daughter Lucia.  Apparently they are having the tapes reviewed by expert voice analysts and will hope to prove once and for all Gibson was the one on those tapes saying he'll bury her in the "f***ing rose garden".  "There has never been any doubt about the authenticity of the tapes, however Oksana's lawyers believe that if an independent and world renowned expert verifies it is indeed Gibson on the tape, which it is, the judge in their child custody case will be compelled to take action and strip him of his rights," stated a source for RadarOnline.  Let's hope for the kids sake, the judge can smell the alcohol-ridden racism seeping from Mel Gibsons stupid blue and white face. =]

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Freedom Fever?

     In recent weeks, we've seen the rise and fall of a supposed "democratic" government in Egypt. Hosni Mubarak, ex-head of state who held on to the executive power for more than two decades, was publicly slaughtered by the Egyptian citizens and brought to his self-implied demise.  For weeks, riots and protests flooded the streets of Egypt for a new executive power and necessary change, and as emotions drove high, violence insued.  Hundreds of the protesters were injured and killed, as well as some of our own.  Famed journalists Anderson Cooper and Christiane Amanpour were among the many Americans targeted during the riots.  With no end to the tribulations in sight, actions needed to be taken.  With a country in shambles, Mubarak was forced to meet the needs of his citizens, and with that choice, stepped down as commander in chief.  With the country now off the drama radar, another population seems to be taking the limelight.  Bahrain, an Iranian town, has joined the anti-government craze and are protesting for change.  Calling it a "freedom fever" now seems to be appropriate.  Lets hope Iranian rioters have a touch more sense of community and keep the citizen on citizen violence to a minimum.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Am From...=]

I am from the hicktown.  From the burning wood stove, the mass piles
    of solid fuel we worked so hard for, and great grandma's afghan to keep me warm.
I am from the outdoors.  From the ridiculous amount of broken tire
    swings, to the days of four-wheeler sledding.
I am from my four-legged children.  From the bone-breaking holes in the
    dogs pen, the three sets of puppies, and my most reliable, trusting friends.
I am from the cement tunnel at Busy Bee Preschool, the waterfall at the
    millpond.  The days of ruling Horton on  our slick six-speeds.
I am from the farm, from days of riding around the fields with my pre-stroke
    grandfather, to the Akstulewicz family debate dinners.
Most importantly, I am from amazing people.  My family, my friends,
    a normal home, and two very fortunate parents to have raised such a child.