Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Am From...=]

I am from the hicktown.  From the burning wood stove, the mass piles
    of solid fuel we worked so hard for, and great grandma's afghan to keep me warm.
I am from the outdoors.  From the ridiculous amount of broken tire
    swings, to the days of four-wheeler sledding.
I am from my four-legged children.  From the bone-breaking holes in the
    dogs pen, the three sets of puppies, and my most reliable, trusting friends.
I am from the cement tunnel at Busy Bee Preschool, the waterfall at the
    millpond.  The days of ruling Horton on  our slick six-speeds.
I am from the farm, from days of riding around the fields with my pre-stroke
    grandfather, to the Akstulewicz family debate dinners.
Most importantly, I am from amazing people.  My family, my friends,
    a normal home, and two very fortunate parents to have raised such a child.


  1. Hicktowns make the best families :)

  2. You are a wonderchild, Jake! I'm glad to be one of the Out-Laws of your family ... and feel just a teeny bit of some resonance with you...maybe more. Great poem/story ... proud of you xo